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Britain needs Great British Energy

A new publicly owned, clean power company for Britain.

Britain already has public ownership of energy – just by foreign governments. Taxpayers abroad profit more from our energy than we do. It is time to take back control of our energy.

A first step of a Labour government will be to set up a new publicly owned champion, Great British Energy, to give us real energy security from foreign dictators.

Great British Energy will be owned by the British people, built by the British people and benefit the British people. It will be headquartered in Scotland, invest in clean energy across our country, and make the UK a world leader in floating offshore wind, nuclear power, and hydrogen.

What Great British Energy can deliver

Cutting energy bills for families

Boosting Britain’s energy security

Backing British workers in industrial heartlands

Publicly owned with profits going back to the British people

Supporting local jobs and supply chains

Labour’s Green Prosperity Plan is about cutting energy bills and building good jobs in your community. Click the map to find out how many jobs it will create in your area.

“When we opened our cafe in June 2020 our combined gas and electric bill was around £350 in summer to £500 in winter. They are now around £500 in summer to £720 in the winter. In a difficult sector such as hospitality which is continually at the mercy of cost increase, how can such cost increases be met by our customers who are equally feeling the pinch?

Locally sourced, greener energy will surely bring us all a cost advantage, would reduce our exposure to limited or increasingly expensive energy purchased abroad and in turn make us more energy secure.”

Charlie Weale
Deal, café owner

“It'd be good for people who are vulnerable, elderly and disabled to have cheaper bills and would serve as a great help as we need to end the struggle between heating and eating.”

Dudley, pensioner

“My energy bills have gone up three times. I run about the house making sure every plug has been switched off and the lights are not on. It takes away a lot of our surplus cash.

Labour’s first step to switch on great British Energy is going to be fantastic. It will hopefully reduce bills in every household, it will create jobs, which will then have an impact on the economy, and it’s also going to be based in Scotland.”


Switch on Great British Energy

Great British Energy will be a new, publicly owned, clean energy company, that ensures jobs are created here in Britain and that we aren’t dependent on tyrants like Putin.

It will only be delivered by a Labour Government. As part of Labour’s mission to switch on Great British Energy and make Britain a clean energy superpower, we will:

  • Cut your energy bill for good – and create good jobs.
  • Create 650,000 new, skilled jobs in the industries of the future, rebuilding the strength of our industrial heartlands.
  • Set up Great British Energy’s headquarters in Scotland.
  • Accelerate new nuclear and position Britain as a leader in technologies such as floating offshore wind and tidal. It will also partner with the private sector to accelerate the rollout of more mature renewable energy generation technologies such as wind and solar.
  • Capitalise Great British Energy with an initial £8.3 billion in the first Parliament, investing in clean power in partnership with the private sector.
  • Emulate the success of public ownership of energy that already exists in Britain – just by foreign governments such as the French and Chinese, rather than our own.

Great British Energy's three initial priorities

Great British Energy will have three initial priorities working alongside private partners:

  1. Co-investing in new technologies: Great British Energy will help speed up and scale the deployment of new technologies, with public investment helping to crowd in investment in areas like floating offshore wind, tidal power and hydrogen as they develop into mature technologies.
  2. Scale and accelerate mature technologies: Great British Energy will also help scale and accelerate the roll-out of mature technologies, like wind, solar and nuclear. It will partner with existing private sector firms to speed up deployment of mature renewable technologies to meet our ambitious clean power timelines. It will also build organisational capability and expertise to deliver energy megaprojects like nuclear power stations, reducing project and construction risk.
  3. Scale up municipal and community energy: GB Energy will partner with energy companies, local authorities and cooperatives to develop 8GWs small-scale and medium-scale community energy projects. Profits will flow directly back into local communities to cut bills, not to the shareholders of foreign companies. This will help to create a more decentralised energy system, with more local generation and ownership, and will help to create a more resilient energy system.
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